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Custom-Made Medications

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients upon a physician prescription.

Medela Pharmacy offers a variety of compounded medications for:

Bio-Identical Hormones/ Anti-Aging 



Sports Medicine

Wound Care

Preventative Healthcare Interventions

We work with you to optimize your health. Our pharmacists will use evidence-based medicine and analyze your medication and health profile to ensure that you are on the optimal guideline-driven medications and supplements to live a happy and healthy life. 

Annual Comprehensive Medication Review

During this annual wellness review, the pharmacist will work with you to help manage side effects, talk with your physician to adjust doses, suggest lifestyle and supplement choice, and ensure that you are on the best possible therapy.


Medication Synchronization

With medication synchronization, you can always expect all your medications ready to be picked up at the same time every month. It also ensures that our staff proactively requests your refills from your physicians.

Vacation Medication Assistance

Just give us a call ahead of time and let us assist you with your medication needs while you are away from home. We will manage your prescription fills to make sure that you never have to miss a dose when you're on the go.

Over-the-Counter Products

Enjoy health benefits of vitamins and supplements recommended by our pharmacy experts. We can often order items that we don't normally carry as well and get them within 2 days.

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